This bloomer steals the show

The Aster is perhaps the most cheerful plant found in a garden

The plant owes this to its long flowering period and attractive colours. Countless flowers grow from the aster, turning the garden into a sea of colour in no time. In most cases, the central part of the Aster is yellow. This yellow centre is surrounded by the colours purple, pink or white. The Aster also ensures the presence of bees, bumblebees and butterflies, bringing the garden to life.

Aster has its origins in North America. However, a number of species also occur in the wild in the Netherlands. However, these are not grown as ornamental plants. An example of an ornamental plant that is cultivated is the Aster Novi Belgii. House & Garden grows a double-flowered variety, which goes by the name: Aster Showmakers. This plant is available with a sticky label.

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