Do you already distinguish yourself in the field of tomato experience: taste, shape and color?

Did you know that special tomato varieties are grown in a test greenhouse somewhere in Westland? A test greenhouse with special varieties that makes the heart of every tomato grower beat faster. With these tomatoes, everything is about experience! In the test greenhouse you will find tomatoes with special colors, unique flavors and beautiful shapes.

The test greenhouse is an initiative of the Dutch Plant Factory and the Israeli breeding company Tomatech. In the greenhouse they experiment with growing different tomato varieties, where everything revolves around taste, color and shape.

Are you a tomato grower and curious about the promising varieties? Feel free to come by and be surprised! Contact Eviek van der Arend or Wilfred Scheffers on 0162-673360, they will schedule an appointment with you and guide you during your visit to the special test greenhouse.