Vegetable plants

Vegetable plants

WPK is a specialist in growing vegetable plants in Europe.

Our passion? Growing top-quality vegetable plants and tray plants for horticulture. From grafted tomato plants with one or more heads to pepper, cucumber, zucchini and fruit plants; our range is diverse and surprising.

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Vegetable plants

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Grown with a smile

During the breeding process, we have the complete control. Besides relying on our grower’s heart and green fingers, we keep a close eye on the growth process by means of numerical analyses. Using our own growth model, we monitor the plants throughout the entire growing process. We produce exactly what our customers ask for and even have the ability to make interim adjustments and predict when the plant will meet its requirements.

The propagation process

From seed to plant

The propagation process has several stages, each with its own characteristics and dynamics. Thanks to the use of high-quality seeds and substrates, only the very best products leave our greenhouses. It is not for nothing that our seeds are GSPP certified.

3D sorting

After sowing, the seeds of our plants are germinated in the sowing department. These are then automatically sorted using our 3D sorter, which we developed in collaboration with Flier and Wageningen University. This sorter ensures that the seeds are divided into threes. Ultimately, this allows us to deliver uniform plants.


After the seeds have passed the 3D sorter, the seedlings are inoculated and planted in different types of substrates, such as rock wool, coconut, perlite or potting soil.

Biological growing

We see more and more people opting for organic products while shopping. In addition, the government encourages the use of sustainable crop protection products. We are happy to participate in this. To support this, we offer organically raised tray plants.

Responsible growing

Our Water IQ installation ensures that the water is 99.5% free of pesticides, fungi and viruses. This results in the perfect basis for warm vegetable and tray plants. As a result, we comply with the statutory standard for water purification and operate in an environmentally conscious manner. Green & clean! After all, every drop is reused this way.

In order to optimally control all processes, we have the following certificates:







We are also a member of Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFFP) and work according to the guidelines proposed by GSPP.

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