Fruit crops

Growing fruit crop plants

From melon to eggplant

Besides vegetable plants such as tomato, sweet pepper, and cucumber plants, we also grow fruit crops. These include the eggplant, melon, and pepper plants.


Eggplants can be supplied either grafted or ungrafted. You can choose from various rootstocks. Naturally, we provide you with advice on this through a regular contact person. It goes without saying that the eggplant has sufficient content upon delivery to ensure perfect growth.

Melon plant

By far the majority of vegetable growers restrict themselves to growing tomato, pepper and cucumber plants. However, we go one step further and also focus on melon plants, for instance. These plants are delivered entirely according to your wishes and can even be grafted. We are 100% convinced that through good customer contact and our cultivation facilities, we will achieve the set goal together.

Pepper plant

Whether it concerns red, green, yellow, Turkish or Surinamese peppers, we also distinguish ourselves in the field of peppers. Here, even grafting is possible. When growing pepper plants, you can choose from substrates such as rock wool, coconut, perlite or potting soil.

Other fruit crops

Would you like more information about a fruit crop that is not mentioned on the website?