Future-oriented investment together with Plantenkwekerij P. van Geest

Plantenkwekerij P. van Geest and Westlandse Plantenkwekerij (WPK) have jointly purchased two existing horticultural companies in Naaldwijk. This means that as of 2019 we will have a joint plot of 10 hectares at the location in Naaldwijk. Here we have room to continue to grow and realize our future plans.

For the first few years, Plantenkwekerij P. van Geest will grow hydrangeas in the extra space and we will mainly use the extra space for growing our cabbage plants. This will create more space at the other locations for the expert cultivation of warm vegetable plants.

The collaboration with Van Geest has been completely satisfactory for two years, which is why we jointly decided to make this purchase. We produce our own success and both parties are focused on the future, where we strive for perfection.

We produce our own success!

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