Construction progress Made 2

So far, construction has been going well, although it always remains exciting until the last moment: will everyone be ready on time and can we actually start growing on Made 2 from week 44/45? That depends on a number of our construction partners. We would like to introduce them to you and let you know what they are doing during construction..

Voshol Warmte-Electrotechniek
Proper temperature control is of the utmost importance for our production. The pipes for heating are currently in the ground and part of this group is mounted on the facades. In addition, the ground heating must be ready so that it can be pressure tested before the concrete goes on. The lifting installation is only installed after the concrete has been poured.

Boekestijn Elektrotech
Growing light in the greenhouse increases production and improves quality. The lighting cables are now in the ground and the power panels and rails on which the fixtures will be hung have been hung. These fixtures are only actually installed once the concrete has been poured. Finally, Boekestijn also hung all the cable ducts.

The installation of the screen mechanism is well advanced. However, the actual screens are only installed once the concrete floor has been laid.

Pipes for watering are largely buried in the ground. This also applies to the pipes on which the silos are built. These silos and the rain unit are also built (as it looks now) in week 41, immediately after pouring the concrete.

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