Environmentally conscious entrepreneurship with Opticlear Diamond installation

We have not discharged our water into the ditch for years. Because we work with crop protection products, which are absolutely not allowed to reach the vegetable plants, we do discharge water containing useful fertilizers and pesticides via the sewer. Some of the resources could end up in the environment and we were not happy about that. We wanted to burden the environment as little as possible.

Fortunately, the Opticlear Diamond installation was there! This purifies 99% of pesticides from the water. Because an inverted Nanofilter has been built on the installation, the water can even be reused. This means we no longer have to discharge into the sewer. However, until we are 100% sure that the installation is working properly, we will continue to discharge our clean water into the sewer.

The installation is also used to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. Previously, these were purified from the water by heating – which required as much as one cubic meter of gas. With the Opticlear Diamond installation we only use a small amount of electricity per cubic meter of disinfected water.

With this new installation we comply with the new laws and regulations for the use of some pesticides. The installation has been operational at the main location in Made for a number of months. The second Opticlear Diamond will be installed immediately at the second location in Made, which is currently being built. Our location in ‘s-Gravenzande will follow early next year. All in all, we are progressive in trying to protect the environment as much as possible when producing vegetable and ornamental plant products.

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