#Flowerboostchallenge is greatly appreciated

The fight against the Corona virus demands a lot from our adaptability. Various companies are seeing demand for their products disappear and in sectors such as healthcare the workload is higher than ever. While one person can socially distance themselves with ease, another craves a touch or a real conversation. We took on the #flowerboostchallenge with great pleasure!

These are confusing times at our headquarters in Made. At one company we grow beautiful cabbage plants, which will continue to grow in the fields in Europe in two months. The other farm has equally beautiful potted plants. Unfortunately, due to the loss of demand for floriculture in Europe, these will probably end up in the container.

Of course we won’t let it get to that point! We wouldn’t be WPK if we dealt with this situation positively, came out stronger and waited for better times. So we keep our spirits up and work together more than ever within our company. We also do this outside our company, for example with the partners with whom we have taken up the #flowerboostchallenge.

The Riethorst Stromenland Care Organization: “It is so nice that our residents are thought of, they really appreciate this.”

Now that we are socially distancing, we are actually closer than before. This applies to most people who fall outside the risk target groups, but not to people who need care and are no longer allowed to receive visitors. These people are actually lonelier than before. They adapt (together with the nurses) as much as possible, including by entering into digital conversations with their loved ones. Social distancing takes on a completely different meaning for them than for most people. The visit they were so looking forward to is no longer what it used to be. Nothing tangible, no touch and the lack of a real conversation is the order of the day.

WPK, WH Personeelsdiensten, Kwekerij Van Marrewijk Steelhoven, VOF Breugem, Laurent Fleur, Richplant, Houwenplant and Plantenkwekerij P. Van Geest happily participated in the #flowerboostchallenge. We saved potted plants that would end up in the container from their loneliness and gave them a nice place with clients in nursing homes in Oosterhout and Hoek van Holland. A nice gesture to soften this time and get through it a little more pleasantly. The same applies to potted plants and people: take good care of each other, think creatively, stay healthy and give sincere attention.

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