Greenhouse horticulture Made competitor of Efteling?

Source: BN DeStem

Once every two years, the companies from Plukmade participate in the annual Kom in de Kas event. The invitation from a dozen companies in the Plukmade greenhouse horticulture area did not fall on deaf ears. More than 10,000 people traveled to Made last weekend to taste, feel, smell and see the possibilities of the greenhouse. Everything is possible in the greenhouse!

Maarten van de Rijt: “The general public often has a rather negative image of greenhouse horticulture: the use of pesticides, environmental pollution and poor working conditions. On days like these we can show that work in the greenhouse is very pleasant and that the use of toxins has largely been eliminated.”

All over the area people walked from company to company and many went home with full hands. In most greenhouses it was possible to buy fresh products. They didn’t have to carry it around for long, because they could board a slow train with their groceries and all, which drove around around the participating companies.

We experienced it as a super event and Efteling has a competitor in terms of crowds and visitor numbers: Made’s greenhouse horticulture.

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