Hygiene policy tightened by the realization of a new keg shed and cart washing facility

Since November 2019, the packaging warehouse and cart washing facility at Westlandse Plantenkwekerij (WPK) have been ready for use. We are further tightening our hygiene policy.

Thanks to years of experience in growing and grafting warm and cold vegetable plants, WPK knows better than anyone how important hygiene is. We therefore take internal and external influences into account in our hygiene policy. In this way we try to reduce the risk of diseases and pests to a minimum. Two important aspects of the hygiene protocol are the realization of a new keg shed and cart washing line. With the latter, WPK cleans the carts returned from its clients.

“With this investment we are better able to keep possible external threats at bay. We ask our customers to make it as safe as possible for us and other clients. The first action in the disinfection process is that the customer sprays the carts with Virkon.”
Erik van der Arend – general manager

We then unload the carts in a separate warehouse, where they go through the new car wash. The car wash ensures that these carts are cleaned in two steps with two different agents. Only when they come out of the car wash are they allowed to continue into the business process.

The carts have been treated three times in total before plants are transported on them again. This way we can distinguish dirty flows from clean flows in an automatic and structured way. The barrel is cleaned in the same way in the previously completed robotized car wash.

Photo copyright: Limex

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