Season starts with beautiful cabbage plants

Nature does not care about the Coronavirus and continues to grow and bloom. Our one company has beautiful cabbage plants that will soon all continue to grow in European fields. We recently started growing various cabbage and leafy vegetables, such as cauliflower, red cabbage, white cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Savoy cabbage, pointed cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi. We also supervise the cultivation process of special tray plants such as celery, chives and onion.

The vegetable plants grow in conditioned spaces during the winter period and we grow them on the fine Westland soil! Since this year, our company has also been equipped for organic cultivation. How ‘cabbage’ is that! A green soil is half the battle and this is how we make the world a little greener.

In the coming months, our greenhouses will be transformed into a beautiful green and uniform plain. Are you curious about how we grow the tray plants organically? Ton Zwinkels can tell you about this in scents and colors! Whether it concerns chives, celery or different types of cabbage or leafy crops, he is the expert in open-field horticulture.

Ton can be reached by telephone or email. You can contact him via:
Phone: +31 162-673366

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