We go for organic!

As you may have read before, we are ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ certified. At WPK we work every day to make the world a little greener. For this reason, the warm vegetable and cabbage plants are also grown organically.

What does the organic method of cultivation actually entail?

The cultivation period remains the same: 15 to 70 days. The difference between organic and regular cultivation of warm vegetable and cabbage plants lies in the choice of production resources. In the organic method of cultivation, we only use organic soil mixtures, fertilizers and disinfectants. It is of course important that organic and regular plants and resources remain separated from each other. Organic plants are completely shielded from regular plants, we work on organic cultivation on fixed days and we always pay attention to hygiene.

Even though some parts of the organic cultivation process are absolutely different from those of the regular cultivation process, nothing changes in our quality. This way, the seeds and substrates remain of excellent quality and the organic method of cultivation is fully in line with our quality plan, which we continuously monitor.

As a company, we cannot simply call our products organic. We had to prove this first. And with success; All WPK branches have an official Skal certificate!

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