Would you like to do an internship at WPK? Intern Jim tells you why!

Jim did an internship with us in the plant nursery for an entire school year as part of his associate degree course in Horticulture Management at Inholland in Delft. At first glance, a year may seem like a long time, but time has really flown by. Fortunately, Jim thinks the same way:

“It was an incredibly educational period! What I really appreciated was the freedom I was given within WPK to work on the assignments.”

Is it time for you to do an internship soon? Jim takes you through his experience as an intern and the atmosphere within WPK.

From efficient clipping to the perfect product launch

By completing various assignments – from a business report to a true marketing plan – Jim has created valuable insights. “I was given the freedom, for example, to devise an optimal strategic policy for a product launch and to investigate the company’s orientation in the field of trends (such as sustainability). My favorite assignments were making an instructional video, researching the operation and importance of auction photos and researching ways to clip horizontally on the surplus crop trolleys.”

In the office and in the greenhouse: the best of both worlds

Jim: “The mix of working in the office and in the greenhouse has done me good. Because, although I often liked the business administration work more, the practical experience in the greenhouse has given me good insight into what I have been dealing with on various assignments.

I really liked the attention that was given to my suggestions. People really listened to what I had to say. And if advice were not followed, it was also explained in a clear and respectful manner on what grounds that decision was based.”

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